The American Bar Association defines “collateral sanctions” as: “a legal penalty, disability or disadvantage, however denominated, that is imposed on a person automatically upon that person’s conviction for a felony, misdemeanor or other offense, even if it is not included in the sentence.” 850+.This number marks the estimated laws that impact ones ability to reintegrateContinue reading “850+”

Incarceration & Our Current Health Crisis

he world is in a current health crisis due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus (better known as the Coronavirus). There has been a massive shut down of different businesses, except for those employed in industries considered “essential”. This epidemic has negatively impacted many people across the world. There are some who have beenContinue reading “Incarceration & Our Current Health Crisis”

Catch 22: COVID-19 & immediate release of returning citizens

Throughout the country, there has been discussion, attempts, and the actual release of people from prisons and jails. The influence of the current COVID-19 health crisis has on the conditions, treatment, and medical care of inmates has been eye-opening at best and disheartening at worst. As necessary as it is to consider the overall conditionsContinue reading “Catch 22: COVID-19 & immediate release of returning citizens”