Advocate’s Resources

Whether you are a Clinician, Educator, Advocate, or combination of the three, this page is dedicated to you! I wanted to create content and supply us with resources that enable us to feel rejuvenated. I hope the content provided on this page enables you to connect with others, become energized by these tools, and motivate you to continue doing the work you do daily!

The following tips are for us! Those of us who use our platforms and voices to assist others.  This is for those of us who give time, energy, and resources to combat the “isms” and oppressive systems. I know, it can get overwhelming fighting against systems, sometimes even hopeless. There maybe times where you may contemplate stopping the work you do, but please do not! We NEED your voice!

I hope these tips help you to stay rejuvenated to continue your work (even if you have to pencil them in your schedule):

  • Make time for those important persons in your life
  • Make time for the things you enjoy (i.e. meditation, reading, quality time w/ loved ones, alone time, working out, vacation, etc.)
  • Find time to process your emotions with a specialist (i.e. therapist, psychologist), supervisor, and/or colleague
  • Connect!  Find people who share the same passion(s). These persons can help to ignite your flame when you begin to feel discouraged 
  • Be sure to disconnect. This may have various meaning depending on who you are. This may include temporarily deactivating your social media account, removing news app for a few days, taking days off, and spending intentional time to recoup, etc.
  • Develop boundaries and become comfortable saying no. Due to the work we do, we may not be able to attend every meeting, protest, or social engagement activity. The ability to protect our own mental health allows us to better advocates. 

Resources & Tools 

Comment below with any resources or tools that have been helpful for you. My goal is to create an entire resource guide for us, so we do not burn out or engage in unhealthy behaviors (it’s the therapist in me lol). My goal is to create a resource for us in one place, so we can be our best selves as we fight! 

Educational and Research Resources: 

Community Connections:


Self-care and Personal Development : 

A Journey Full of Health (AJFH) is a life coaching organization building community around wellness; body, mind, and spirit. They are committed to helping impact leaders such as driven professionals and entrepreneurs reach their wellness and professional development goals.

Financial Resources- Foundations: 

  • List of the top giving foundations in Ohio
  • The Cleveland Foundation
  • The George Gund Foundation 
  • Sister of Charity Foundation of Cleveland 

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