Meet Mylonne!


Thanks for taking the time out to learn a little about me. I have a huge passion for advocating and helping other identify their potential.

I am a Black woman navigating life as a millennial, who is attempting to pursue her passions in life. One of those passions include criminal justice reform. Keep reading, there’s a bit more information about me listed below:

I am a licensed social worker and certified clinical trauma profession that facilitates therapy with  men and women involved in the federal criminal justice system (Federal pretrial, incarceration/halfway, probation) in a community-based agency located in Cleveland, OH .   I hold a master’s degree in Social Work from The University of Akron and Bachelors of Arts degree  (Criminal Justice) from Baldwin Wallace University. I have experience in the addiction field in correctional settings, residential, ambulatory detox, and outpatient settings. Also, I have worked previously in mental health settings, including inpatient settings with youth and outpatient settings with adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

I have a passion for advocating and assisting persons returning home from prison/jail. I seek to be more active in influencing other professionals and policy makers that influence the treatment and people that I provide services to everyday. I wanted to create a platform that encourages others to join advocacy efforts in any way they feel comfortable and choose!

Favorite Memory:

  • Studying in Northern Ireland and  South Africa

Favorite Foods:

  • Potatoes ( in any form) lol
  • Peanut M&M’s

Favorite Things To Do:

  • Spending time with family/friends
  • Reading Christian literature, history books, and criminal justice related policies
  • Listening to podcast
  • Watching movies
  • listening to music

-Mylonne Sullivan,MSW,LSW, CCTP


“Being Oppressed Means the Absence of Choices” -Bell Hook 

No ideas, comments, nor opinions expressed on this platform are the beliefs of my current employer and/or any professional organizations I am affiliated with. These thoughts are solely my own.

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