Consulting Services

Administrative and Clinical Trainings

We provide the following types of trainings: Half-day workshops, Full-day workshops, Three- day workshop, and Series (3-6 months). We provide trainings to administrative and leadership teams on conflict management, non-biases documentation, employee retention and attrition, and effective supervision implementation. We provide front line staff and clinicians with clinical trainings on trauma informed care, considerations of legal system involved persons, substance use and mental health treatment and psychoeducation.


Our founder develops and executes motivating and audience specific keynote addresses.

Organizational Anti-racism and Opression

We provide consultation services through a equitable lense and while intertwining harm reduction, sex positive, anti-oppressive/racism, and trauma-informed approach.

Staff Professional Development Curriculum

We will develop a customized plan that assist the administrative and leadership teams of agencies or schools with indiviudalized and specific tools to increase staff development, create positive staff morale, increase employee conflict management skills, and evolve healthy company cultures.

In person trainings can be added to curriculm development service. Trainings can assist with understanding of various treatment modalities to increase competency and clinical development, leading to better engagement with the clients served.

Program Evaluation

We will provide consultation on how to overall daily operations by a) revising or develop operational manuals, b) revise or create processes by streamlining procedures; c) identify gaps in services with specific solutions, and c) assisting with increasing staff productivity by detailing actionable steps for staff attrition and rentention.

At Advocating For Change, LLC we promote thriving in equitable, trauma-informed, and safe environments“.

A4C’s Values: