Consulting Services

  • Administrative and Clinical Trainings:
    • Half-day workshops
    • Full-day workshops
    • Three- day workshop
  • Keynote

Organizational Anti-racism and Opression

Using the Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle model to provide consultation services through a equitable lense and while intertwining harm reduction, sex positive, anti-oppressive/racism, and trauma-informed approach.

Staff Professional Development Curriculum

Every company needs staff to assist with product/service quality, increased revenue, and daily operations. Many a time in the helping profession staff morale decrease due to the nature of secondary trauma and high productivity due to increased needs of communities. We will develop a customized plan that assist your staff in developing professional, in turn, producing better outcomes for your agency.  Staff will learn how to increase self-care practices in and out of the office as well understanding various treatment modalities to increase competency and clinical development, leading to better engagement with the clients you seek to serve.

Program Evaluation

We can assist in developing manuals and processing/streamlining procedures; identify gaps in services; and assisting with increasing staff productivity and client satisfaction.

At Advocating For Change, LLC we value staff and their clients to thrive in equitable, trauma-informed, and safe environments“.

A4C’s Values:

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