Our Strategy 

A4C provides individualized services and utilizes a culmination of harm reduction, sex-positive, anti-oppressive /racism, and trauma-informed approaches. Our approach assists organizations in increasing employee performance and satisfaction with services provided to their consumers. We specialize in collaborating with organizations and schools serving populations with legal system involvement, but we work with all companies and schools that express interest and commitment to evolving their policies and practices.

Our Mission

To assist with increasing healthy organizational culture, philosophy, and policies. We commit to providing organizations with education, actionable steps, and training(s). We commit to collaborating with organizations that desire overall improvement to better serve their employees, consumers, and stakeholders within their communities. A4C seeks to assist organizations to develop a more equitable lens in staff development and attrition, leading to healthier communities of practitioners, advocates, and educators for returning citizens and their families.

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Founder and Principal Consultant

“The best gift we can be to our communities is the best versions of ourselves.”

– Our Founder, Mylonne Sullivan, MSW, LSW, LICDC Read more

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