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A4C provides both organizational and leadership development with collaborative and individualized operational audits, along with personalized workshop or training services to educational institutions and community agencies with reentry programs. Our methods center the internal needs and barriers of our clients as they reach their programmatic goals.

Advocating for Change takes a person-centered approach from social work, education, and business fields. We also pull from the Margerison-McCann team management wheel developed by Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr. Dick McCann. A4C promotes and utilizes Intersectionality & equity as a guide in practice to improve workspaces for marginalized communities. There is also an emphasis on the importance of interconnectedness within agencies and schools across programs and departments; it is essential to explore managing teams and personalities effectively and developing each employee to meet company needs while tapping into their professional skills and goals.

This framework allows us to develop unique and customized assessments and analyze information obtained from focus groups of the community being served. These groups are staff, board members, and C-suite executives. These methods culminate in a detailed operational audit report with action-oriented recommendations. These approaches are used to assess the organization baseline related to organizational Development with an emphasis on employee retention and/or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).





Our Services

Organizational & Leadership Development

I help leaders become healthier leaders within reentry spaces! I work with C-suite level leaders by assessing and providing an operational audit of their current DEI and programmatic needs at each level. I continue working with leaders by providing technical assistance and coaching as they implement recommendations for organizational change.

Workshop Development & Presentation

I develop workshops on clinical treatment, DEI, improving program outcomes for legal system-impacted persons, and cultivating healthy organizational workplace environments.

Training & Coaching

Training and coaching can be stand-alone services. My training & coaching service is an in-depth approach to workshops. I provide ongoing support to leaders as they implement our individualized action-based strategies. Also, I can provide training for frontline staff. CEU status is coming soon.

Areas of Expertise: Organizations, Higher Educational Institutions, & Programs with emphasis on serving legal system-impacted persons.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

As companies improve in providing more culturally sensitive policies to ensure feelings of inclusivity to their staff and communities, our services move organizations from cultural sensitivity to more enhanced equitable and inclusive practices and procedures. My framework centers on social work, DEI, and business approaches when assessing programs that serve system-impacted persons.

Organizational Development

Many organizations post-COVID-19 possess difficulty with staff retention and attrition. I collaborate with organizations to improve healthy cultures by providing ongoing coaching and training to C-Suite Executives.

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Our Founder and Principal Consultant is Mylonne Sullivan, MSW, LICDC, LISW. A Licensed Independent Social Worker and Independently Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with direct experience working with Returning Citizens. She currently serves agencies and systems via consulting services who provides services to those involved in the legal system. She received her Bachelor’s in Arts in Criminal Justice from Baldwin Wallace University and Master’s in Social Work from The University of Akron. She is currently earning a PhD in Business: Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Clinical Expertise:

Ms. Sullivan specializes in counseling clients with trauma, illegal thinking/behavior, mental health disorders, and alcohol and other drug addictions. She has experience in social services for a decade from inpatient and outpatient mental health, substance use treatment, correctional, community, to hospital settings. Her clinical skills, include facilitating individual, group, couples, and family therapy.

She held previous positions as a Workforce Development Chair, Treasurer, Advisory Board Member, criminal justice reform advocate, campaign researcher, and freelance writer. She has obtained skills in supervision, collaboration, policy analysis and research, process development and design, employee attrition and retention, and strategic planning in her 10 years of being in the social service field. Currently, she is still a practicing clinician, project manager for a community centered consulting firm, and the principal consultant of Advocating For Change, LLC with a passion for mentoring new social workers and working with organizational leaders.


Ms. Sullivan’s direct practice with legal system involved clients and consultation with agencies increased her skills to identify and problem solve gaps in services a provided by agencies and schools. Throughout her career, she has been called upon to assist with revamping organizational structures, address systemic barriers faced by clients, and create solutions for that limit employee satisfaction related to DEI, retention, and attrition issues. As a result of her experiences of being sought after for administrative and clinical expertise, Advocating For Change, LLC was born.

“In reentry spaces, I coach leaders on how to be healthier leaders.”

The Founder & A4C's Story

Mylonne Sullivan, MSW, LICDC, LISW

Founder & Principal Consultant

”…Instead he chuckled, and stated “calm down, I was just kidding, I know that’s how you pronounce your name”, but he proceeded to mispronounce it yet again…”

-excerpt from chapter IV, co-author Mylonne Sullivan

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Book: How Toxic Workspaces Impact Black Women

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